Taan (2022) Bangla Movie টান Download HD Quality mp4, mkv


Movie: Taan (টান)

Type: Web-Series
Genre: Thriller
Cast: Siam Ahmed, Shabnam Bubly etc.


This movie was made based on two crazy lovers Rashed & Abani who had a love marriage. But the problems turn into their life after their married life started, where Rashed was a drug addict & he was not serious about his marriage life. Thats why Abani took the responsibility of his husband including herself. she used to have a job & thru' her salary she hardly managed their livelihood, Rashed's drug addiction complicated both the lover's after marriage life.

One day Rashed came to know that Abani was pregnant & there was a new guest outcoming to their small family. This made rashed get serious about his family. He started a job of a delivery boy & took the responsibility on his own hand. Things were going right but there was a incident remaining that changed both the lover's life completely.

To know what was the incident? in fact, the entire story, you have to watch the full movie from the download link below.

How was the movie?

The story was really good. There was a lesson from the movie about drug addiction. This movie has shown the reality against drug addiction which will be really a great lesson for the drug addicts of the society. I think this movie was made based on a great concept; there were many things to learn from the movie.

My rating: 4/5

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